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About Us:

Here at L.G. Towing San Jose, expertise and excellent service are merged as one. We aim to provide the best service that would give you the satisfaction you need. We do the best we can to serve you through the broad range of services we are offering. L.G. takes you to excellent service that is both credible and reliable. We serve through dedication and passion so you could have the right results. 
We aim to achieve great work all the time, and we do it the best possible way we could. We have the credentials and experience to prove we are the best in the roadside service industry. We do the excellent process in each work so you that you would be relieved to get your car or vehicle to its destination. We are committed to doing the right manner to assess the best solution in case you experience a car lockout problem, or you need a tire change. 

We offer you services such as car accident assistance, roadside assistance, battery jump start, car lockout, and tire change. Each of these services is made successful by our certified team of experts. We use the right tools and equipment so that each of the services would be started right away. We carefully make sure that each service is delivered in the right way. By doing our best, we also come up with the best strategies that are a big help in ensuring that our services are made on the right process by our team. 

24 Hours Availability | 669-247-1074

Having the best team to accomplish each our services is important. So, closely work and offer you the most efficient team who are skilled, reliable and you could trust. They have broad experience in each of the services we provide so rest assured the comfort and satisfaction would be yours. Each of them are highly trained and capable of doing their job. With their expertise, you are 100% sure that the excellent service would be given to you anytime. 
If you need an emergency roadside service, we are willing to listen to your needs. We have a 24/7 customer hotline support team who are ready to answer your calls and inquiries. We are glad to serve you and giving you excellent service you deserve. Our humble and dedicated staff would take care of you so rest assured your problems would be solved right away. 
We do every service with determination and willingness, so you are sure to have experienced a worthy emergency service you want. Here, we make things possible for you by making your life comfortable and no hassle at all. We are committed and would serve more in the coming years. Furthermore, we give you the opportunity to experience satisfaction at a fair cost. Yes, you don't have to worry about your budget because We make it easy for you! We uphold only the satisfaction at all times. L.G. Towing San Jose is here to serve, and you are our priority.