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It will be a hassle if you are stuck in the middle of the road due to a flat tire or a car accident. Don't worry! We are here to help you solve the problem by giving you the best and reliable towing service you could always trust. 
Here at L.G. Towing San Jose, you have the best tow truck drivers and staff to help you get your vehicle off the road as possible. We are proven experts and determined to get the job done. Are you in need of the best service in the area of San Jose, CA? We are the best company to call. Feel free to choose from our following services: 


We highly specialize in medium or heavy towing service. If you are stuck on the road and need the best towing company in town, we are the right ones to trust. Combined the best experience and expertise, we make sure the best assistance would be yours. Here, we give our best using the best equipment and tools we have. L.G. is made up of experts who do the best, effective ways to get the results you need. Our staff and experts are fully licensed to get the job started. We arrive on the right time so you could be assured that an excellent service would be given. Here at L.G, your needs is our priority, so we guarantee the best service at all times. Make a call right now and experience satisfaction at the highest level. 


Car Accident Recovery and Assistance 

Accidents happen at any time, and you are always caught unprepared.  Do you need any help in getting your car away from the road fast during an accident? We do the best we can to help you to ease the process of getting your car to the chosen destination. With the aid of our tow truck drivers, we make sure of removing a vehicle from the road and loading it into our truck would be easy. 
We do it in a systematic way that would not only help you solve the problem of removing the car but also give you the confidence and trust that your car would be safe. We make assistance in the best way would by giving our best effort to finish the job. You could trust us in doing the job right away. 


We will get you back on the road quickly!

Roadside Assistance 

Has your engine suddenly broke down or are you having problems with the tires? Just relax! L.G. in San Jose offers you the best road assistance in case of these scenarios. We have a qualified team of experts who are licensed and credible in fixing any problems in your car, van or truck. The best road side service is ours, and you would be satisfied to have it. 
We make sure to check part of your car to ensure no more damage would be made. We inspect the engine of the car and do the required assistance you need to have. We make it possible for you so that you would be back on the road again. By carefully and expertly accessing the problem, rest assured that you the best service you need. 


Tire Change 

Are you attending an event but suddenly the tires of your car got flat? Call us, and we would do our best to change your flat tire. We have a qualified team who are skilled and determined in helping get to your destination. We tire that is perfect for your car. 
Towing San Jose has excellent tools and equipment that are reliable in changing the car tires in the fast and best possible way. Here, we arrive quickly to get the work started. We give our best, and we do it the expert way. We make sure that the tires are properly attached to the car, so you are assured safe when you hit the road again. 
Call us and experience this service in a fairly priced manner. You deserve the best, so we give it to you. 


Car Lockout 

If you left your car keys inside the vehicle and you can't get inside, we are here to help you solve the dilemma. We have a trusted and reliable car lockout service you are sure to be proud of. We provide you a high-quality service with the fair price. Our locksmiths are proven experts in solving the problem and getting you to your destination right away. Here, you are 100% sure that the doors of your vehicle would be opened in no time. We holds one of the best car lockout services, so you are sure to have the best results. 
We arrive on the fastest time possible, so you have no worries about hitting the road once more. If you have experienced a car lockout at the time you are going to the office or an important meeting, call us right away and we would be there to help you. We do the job in a fast and a systematic way, so rest assured you are delivered with excellence. 


Jump Starting the Battery 

Do you need to jump start your battery right away? Be relieved because we do the best we could to get this done. The jump start experts from we are here to help you solve the problem. We solve this fast through our expertise and the dedication we give to our work.
We have the best knowledge and insights about jump starting the battery, so you have the assurance we are doing the right thing. We have a wide experience in this service so you could expect the best result you want when you hire our service. We carefully examine the battery of your car and do the right and effective process for you. 
So, call us and get the best service you are sure to be satisfied and grateful to have. Here at L.G. Towing San Jose, we give you the best choice to give you the satisfaction you need. Call us at 669-247-1074 if you are in need of any of these services.